Take Care Of Your Thyroid Today The Natural Health Way!

When it comes to treating hypothyroidism, an underproduction of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland, conventional medicine does not speak the underlying root cause. It therefore fails to treat the deficiency successfully. The purpose of this article is to show how to treat the underlying root cause successfully close treating the deficiency the physical health way.

Signs and symptoms

Whether it’s wage to a lack of iodine, the effects about autoimmunity (body attacking itself) or genetic predisposition… the net result is a lack of thyroid hormone needed for the body’s metabolic functioning: Because the thyroid is such a ‘metabolic central station’ the effects concerning hypothyroidism are wide ranging. It is not unusual for sufferers to experience weight gain, cardiovascular related health problems, a lack of energy… and a whole host of other problems including feeling the cold more than most people, feelings of despondency instead dejection, infertility, period problems, venery dysfunction, menopause, muscle joint pains, bowel irregularities, swollen neck discomfort, declare coarseness, hair and skin changes…

Conventional medicine

When it comes to hypothyroidism, elapsed again, artificial medicine demonstrates its ineffectiveness by only treating the symptoms and not the underlying root cause. How does it do this? Basically, by using hormone replacement therapy and ignoring the patient’s imbalanced immune system.

Makes sense to give someone hormones they are deficient in right? Yes, but it’s not that straight forward. While hormone replacement therapy gives temporary relief it ignores the underlying root cause, which is a failing hormonal status et al an imbalanced immune system. It should also be mentioned, the greater the failing hormonal situation and imbalance to the immune system the less likely the hormone therapy will work.

The Solution

The solution is to not only treat the symptoms but also get at the underlying root cause. This involves restoring balance to the immune system which will in turn quell inflammation. So the answer lies in restoring thyroid health the natural way:

The primeval thing is to throw out foods considered to be unhealthy such as those that are processed and sugary (or high glycaemic tabulate like pasta or potatoes) which can foment worry to your adrenal glands and thyroid. Those foods containing cheap and nasty fats or having MSG should also be well avoided. Chlorinated and fluoridated water should voltooien missed out, very drink plenty of cardinal clean water. I would also strongly recommend avoiding chlorinated swimming pools.

Natural wholesome food like good supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables are essential. Coconut oil is highly recommended. This highly nutritious medium chatelaine fatty acerbity has the command to regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. It also has the ability to suppress harmful intestinal microorganisms that can contribute to inflammation… The list of health benefits coconut has goes on….

It is crucial to get iodine levels checked nevertheless having said that I would strongly suggest that the person concerned should seek medical advice because, depending on the his or her circumstances, administering iodine could do more harm than good.

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