Health Insurance Claim – Know It Better

As the importance of having health insurance is gaining tide at present, it is very important to get a top-notch and in depth understanding about the healthiness insurance policies and other processes better. Gone are the days when people would blindly take insurances without any knowledge. Now most of them try to understand the policy conditions and conditions with the insurance agent, before taking up the policy.

Health Insurance is nothing but coverage of your hospitalization bills and medical expenses during the period of the policy. The medical costs would be paid by the insurance company for the specified diseases or ailments as per the policy. Shape Insurance Claims can be done in 2 different ways.

Claiming the medical expenses

The first and the very popular method is cashless hospitalization. The insurance company would have listed a number of hospitals as their network which are considered for cashless hospitalization. These hospitals do not demand any admission charges, for any of your treatments. Already you provide them with your insurance policy card or number and the identity proof, they would deal with the insurance company after validating the details.

This health insurance claim process is very popular now-a-days, as it involves lesser work from the patient’s side. However, you will have to make sure that the hospital you are planning to get admitted to must nvloeden enlisted in the network hospitals list.

Another conventional method of claiming the medical expenses is General claim policy or the reimbursement process. This involves a few procedures from the insurer’s side. If the clinic you get admitted to is not listed as a cashless hospital, then you would need to make the claim in this way. In this, the bills and other charges would be paid by the patient / insurer. The bills and other prescriptions have to be submitted to the insurance company after discharge along with other details. The company would validate and process the tonicity insurance claim. After approval, the company would reimburse the amount to the insurer. This would consume more time when compared to the cashless claim process.

In case of planned hospitalization, you can very well get cashless hospitalization as you can inform the insurance company well in advance and plan accordingly. You container get admitted to one of the listed hospitals and undergo the treatment.

During much of the above scenarios, certain documents would be mandatory. Documents such as identification proof, insurance policy number and card, contact numbers of the insurance company, type of disease, previous reports, etc would be needed by the company to process your claim, be it cashless or bill reimbursement.

Before taking the insurance policy, lecture and understanding about the claim process would be beneficial during medical needs in the future.

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