Healing your Love, Relationship, Health, Money issues By Sumant Kual

Grand Masters Sumant & Sumeet Kaul, Ambassadors & Representatives of Theta Healing in India & the United Arab Emirates, have created a life-changing and profound Love & Wealth Ultimate Life Breakthrough Seminar Course & Karma Kundalini Yog – a step-by-step sureshot technique to discovering one’s factual potential.
Here are some insights from the Kauls’ Miraculous Life BreakThrough Course:
Mystery do people enjoy money problems?

When people chase money, money runs away from them. Therefore, they must attract money. But money must denial exist in their karma. In that case, they need to attract it by using special techniques which we teach. The amount of wealth that you have is truly even to how much value you give provided to the world and how much you care about the world.Your comatose mind may afsluiting blocking you from money and you may not even know about it.We have film stars ,businessmen with failed projects progressing to us et al realising how their Beliefs and their cerebrum was sabotaging them.

Why do polyethnic have relationship problems? Why are they unable to find love?

If you observe people who have failed in relationships or been divorced, it is seen that in the top number of cases, they bungle again in restored relationships or get divorced again. This is because even when they do not want the same partner as before, they still manage to attract the same type of person into their lives and therefore, get divorced once again. Alternatively, they continue in an unhappy marriage due to the party stigma attached to a disunion in India. This is pure karma of suffering and sacrificing in life. The person thus must work upon his/her negative beliefs.

Why do people have health problems?

Most health problems are caused by emotional pain. Accidents happen to those who are rebellious, angry and frustrated, or those who do many things in very less time. Critical et al judgmental humanity develop stomach problems and joint aches. People lacking love instead adversity from guilty love, develop spine problems. People with cancer have hidden feelings concerning hate, while people with heart problems have known betrayal.

Is there a solution to these problems?

Not only is there a solution to these problems, it is also child’s play after one has learnt the right technique which illustrious teacher and healer Mr.Kaul teaches

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